AUSTIN: Mama Said Knock You Out! A Night of Women in Hip-Hop – Tue 3/15

Mama Said Knock You Out!
A Night of Women in Hip-Hop
to Benefit the Mamas of Color Rising’s
Sankofa Birth Companion Project!

…Presented by Mamas Of Color Rising:!/pages/Mamas-of-Color-Rising/115210831880488


DJ T-Kay
Hosted by Tiger Lily (of RAS)

Performances by:
Tiger Lily
Las Krudas Cubensi
Invincible (Detroit)
Perseph One (Houston)
Queen Deelah
T-FLY (of The Cipher)
Yoli (of P.U.B.L.I.C. O.F.F.E.N.D.E.R.S.)

plus very special invited guest!!!!

All Ages
Sliding scale $10-25

More info about Mamas of Color Rising:

Mamas of Color Rising (MOCR) is a collective of working class and poor mothers of color based in the Austin, TX area. We organize ourselves and other women/mamas of color around issues with accessing needs like food, housing, education, and safety, finding out together what our larger ideal community looks like- and building it together. After over a year of strategic visioning we decided to focus our work around a local campaign to increase access to a full spectrum of birthing options for poor women of color in order to address what we call the “Womb-to-Prison Pipeline”. Based on research, our own experiences, and the experiences of the women in our lives, we believe that a good start to life – starting prenatally – is the best indicator for positive outcomes later in life. We hope to open more doors for poor women of color to receive early pre-natal care and education, choices in how they give birth, and dignity during labor and delivery. We are working with partners and allies during SXSW to raise funds for the following projects:

· Birth Companion (Doula) Project*: In March and April 2011 MOCR will participate in the training of 20 local women of color to become certified as birth companions. In addition to receiving basic fundamental knowledge, this training will focus on culturally appropriate birth companion practice for poor women of color. The training, materials, childcare, and food for this training, which will cost about $6,000, will be free of charge to participants. In exchange, these women will commit volunteer time to offer birth companion services free of charge to other poor women of color in our community.

· Texas Medicaid Midwifery Coverage: MOCR is working to push Texas Medicaid to expand the birth options available to low-income women. This year MOCR has partnered with Texans for Midwifery to advocate for Texas Medicaid to cover midwifery care. Our actions include an electronic petition to Tom Suehs, Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner, and mobilizing community members to lobby our legislators at the Texas Capitol.

· Free Pre-Natal Clinic: MOCR is working with local OBGYNs, midwives, and clinics serving under- and un-insured patients, to create a free pre-natal clinic to pregnant, poor women of color. The clinic will include pre-natal education and exams, as well as birth companion services in English and Spanish.

· Regional/National Campaigns: In addition to these local projects, MOCR is collaborating with our sisters at Young Women United in New Mexico, INCITE and other groups to build momentum for a national campaign around access to birth options for poor women of color, including coordinated direct actions on International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

You can learn more about Mamas of Color Rising on our website or contact us at

*Previously we’d been calling this our Doula Project, however we learned recently that the word “doula” means female servant. We have begun using the language of birth companion instead.


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