TEXAS: Peace and Dignity Journey 2012 Run: Dedicated to the Waters

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Mitakuye Oyasin, To All Our Relations,

RE: Peace and Dignity Journey 2012 Run: Dedicated to the Waters

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We have agreed to sit on the counsel to organize the Peace and Dignity Journey 2012 staff to come through Texas. So far, there are about 9 of us through the entire state, from El Paso, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. The run will be focused on the waters this year. This is the first year for Texas to be receiving the staff. I would like to also humbly extend the invitation to you and anyone you feel may be interested in helping us organize, coordinate volunteers, fundraise and even to volunteer to run with the staff! On average, we are hoping to cover 70 miles per day and with Texas being such a grand state, we will need lots of prayers, help organizing, energy and just overall support from all of the community throughout the state!

There was the first conference call last night. I am helping to map out the route as well as recruit runners. One option is to have the staffs come down from Oklahoma, into Del Rio, then toward Monterrey. Others are suggesting a west to east route.

We must still consult with various elders and medicine people, with their vision of where the runners may go with the sacred staff. I wanted to ask you/extend to you an invitation to participate or just be informed of the intentions towards the waters that some of have been praying and talking about now for some months. We realize that this vision will not and cannot happen without the overall support, prayers, good energies and support from all our elders, families, children, youth, relatives, friends and family of the sacred medicine cirlces, la danza and positive social- political communities as well as all the people that this prayer affects the most-ALL OF US-AND ALL OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS!

We are in this world together, our bodies made of mostly water, our PachaMama earth, made mainly of water, and our waters need healing. Many people throughout the world have concentrated their prayers to the waters, even here in Texas with Yvette Mendez and Helga Garza at the forefront of Tejanas facilitating all women healing prayer circles along with many other women throughout Texas gathering and supporting their vision of maintaining strong prayer toward healing our waters and Earth.

We would like to extend the invitation for you as well-for any of ideas, your input/prayer on that as well, to please extend the invite to other leaders of our community in political/spiritual arenas as well any others you may feel are interested. We are most especially look for anyone associated with previous runners from the Peace and Dignity Journey as well as any of the Tonantzin (la Virgen de Guadalupe) Antorcha runners/organizers who may be willing to help and we would like to give you that place, even as a part of the counsel that is the background, so as to not assume any responsibilities unless you have the desire to do so.

We have prayed and envisioned this to be all done in a circular fashion, free of hierarchy or single decision-making. Therefore, we are requesting more help and assistance in the following areas:

We are currently seeking out anyone interested in helping us to establish a clear-viewed financial book-keeping system that can be open and run by 3-4 individuals, perhaps through a non-profit organization that is already established. This financial base would need to be transparent to the national council as well at anytime.

We are also calling for Grant writers willing to help us fund this project or anyone with ties to business owners that may be willing to donate their help with resources for food, shelter, and gas/car maintenance.

At first guess, we are looking at raising at least $5,000.00 for gas, and car maintenance for 3 vehicles to travel at the same time alongside runners.

So, we have much work to do and would be interested in hearing any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as they would be highly appreciated and well received!

I am very open to helping to organize a music concert to benefit the run as well, so if you are interested in performing or have resources or are working towards that as well, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and attention,

May you continue to walk in beauty and love in all that surrounds you and that your path is full of truth in the light of love!


Kiawitl & Iris

We are both on Facebook and have a running group page on there:


You can also join these listervs:

The TEXAS PEACE AND DIGNITY JOURNEYS 2012 listserv is now live! This listserv is for the general public and for updates/outreach on the latest news about the Peace and Dignity Journeys in Texas. TO JOIN, VISIT: http://groups.google.com/group/texas-peace-and-dignity-journeys-2012

Announcing the TEXAS ORGANIZING COUNCIL PDJ 2012 listserv. This is the listserv for the statewide organizing council for the Texas Peace and Dignity Journeys 2012. This council will head the organizing of the runs and is inclusive of all the regional councils within the state that will be formed as well as the subgroups that will focus on certain tasks. TO JOIN, VISIT: http://groups.google.com/group/texas-council-peace-and-dignity-journeys-2012

Kiawitl Xochitl (Houston)


Para mas informacion en Espanol-

Iris Rodriguez (Austin)




2 Responses to “TEXAS: Peace and Dignity Journey 2012 Run: Dedicated to the Waters”

  1. I am very interested in participation. Please send me more info. My main road in school is water. There are many issues going on in Indian Country right now. It is inspiring seeing people concerned with these issues. Protect our mother! Money is not worth it.

  2. Hi Ann – Make sure to join the listserv so that you can stay informed!

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