SAN MARCOS: Sacred Springs Summer Art Camp – July 21, 22

Sacred Springs Summer Art Camp

Michael Heralda, coming from Los Angeles, California
Instructor on July 21 & 22
San Marcos youth can honor the arts of their ancient Native American ancestors this summer in a five-day Sacred Springs Summer Art Camp that offers performance on indigenous musical instruments, the art of storytelling, making Native masks, creating storybooks Aztec-style, and learning about Mexica danza. The camp will be produced by local nonprofit Indigenous Cultures Institute, on July 18 through 22 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily, at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos, 211 Lee Street, San Marcos, Texas.
The Sacred Springs Summer Art Camp is a week-long experience with the arts of ancient Native American civilizations and cultures – a marvelous journey to make contact with indigenous ancestors.
“This camp is an extraordinary and unique experience for the youth of San Marcos,” says Aaron Pyle, Programs Manager for the Institute and coordinator for the art camp. “We’ll have gifted indigenous artists engaging students in authentic Native arts projects, while providing new and inspiring information about Native Americans in Texas and Mexico.”
“We’re bringing Michael Heralda from Los Angeles, California,” says Institute board chair Dr. Mario Garza. “He’s an accomplished indigenous artist who has recorded, published and performed all over the country.”
Heralda is scheduled to present a workshop on indigenous musical instruments and one on ancient, oral tradition stories, July 21 and 22.
Opening the summer camp on July 18, El Paso, Texas educator Carlos Aceves will teach students how to compose their own stories and record them on long pages that are folded in zig-zag, replicating the writing process used by the Aztecs. On the morning of July 19, established Austin artist Pilar Castrejón will teach indigenous mask-making using paper maché. In the afternoon, Laura Rios who is an Austin based teacher of the Mexica Chichimeca danza, will teach the philosophy and steps of this ceremonial dance tradition. On the morning of July 20, Rios will teach dance and in the afternoon Castrejón will help the students paint their masks and complete this project.
For information on fees and scholarships to the camp, visit:
Sacred Springs Powwow for 2012
In response to the hundreds of calls, emails, and comments we’ve received about the Sacred Springs Powwow for 2011, we must sadly say that it was not funded by the City of San Marcos or Hays County this year.  Both entities are in financial crisis and funding was not granted to our Powwow project.  We will try again for 2012, as so many people have told us that they eagerly looked forward to this year’s powwow and hope that we can reinstitute it for next year.  Please visit us at as we announce any news regarding a Sacred Springs Powwow for 2012.

Thank you for your abiding support of Indigenous Cultures Institute.

Mario Garza, Ph.D.
Board Chair and Executive Director

Indigenous Cultures Institute
P.O. Box 1414
San Marcos, TX 78667
(512) 393-3310

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