2012 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference Call for Paper and Panel Proposals

This Is Us: Como Nos Ven, Como Nos Vemos
Changing Chican@ Identity in the 21st Century

Call for Paper and Panel Proposals

2012 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference
Texas State University, San Marcos
March 1-3, 2012

Chicanas and Chicanos are a highly diverse people. Today many of our scholars are engaged in wide-ranging research across disciplinary fields continuously adding to our collective knowledge of who we are. Our artists, workers, professionals, policymakers, grassroots and religious leaders, and others within our communities are doing important work in constructing our diverse cultural realities. Our scholarship and rich community experiences continue to reflect us as a people with many intercultural and transnational complexities. Across Tejas alone, many differences exist, yet more numerous are the commonalities binding us together. As peoples native to this land with a long history of struggle for justice and equality in society, our understanding of how we see ourselves and how others see us has grown and matured.

The 2012 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference Committee therefore invites proposals for papers, panels, exhibits, performances, and other creative means for addressing the many ways we see ourselves as well as how others see us-in the past, present, and our rapidly changing future. We invite Chican@ perspectives on the varied situations where we find ourselves located socially, culturally, educationally, historically, politically-rhetorically. We invite perspectives which best seek to illustrate the conference theme "This Is Us."

While the primary theme for the conference centers on analyzing and reflecting on Chicana and Chicano perceptions of ourselves, additional topics related to the Chican@, Latin@, or Mexican American experience are also highly welcomed.

We hereby invite you to Texas State University, San Marcos where we can all share our knowledge. Ultimately, it is we who determine who we are, como nos vemos. In myriad ways we are our community’s storytellers, teachers, organizers, writers, leaders, and students young and old. With great hope for the future, we seek your voice and participation in elucidating scholarly and rhetorical strategies for gaining a wider, deeper, and richer understanding of all raza in Tejas.

Due Date: Please e-mail 250-word proposals by December 18, 2011 to Dr. Jaime Armin Mejía at jm31. We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the conference.

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