AUSTIN: Marcha 8 Mayo – End Calderon’s War

This Sunday, May 8th at 2:00 p.m we will be in front of the Mexican consulate at Austin in solidarity with the thousands of people who will come out to the streets this very day all across Mexico to demand a stop to Calderon’s war. (The consulate will be closed but we can march from there) This is not a war on drugs but a war on the population and social movements. With the complicity of U.S authorities, Felipe Calderon uses the same scare tactics of the "war on terror", under the guise of the "war on drugs", to militarize the country, prevent a civil society from developing and maintain the neoliberal dictatorship nobody wants.

This so-called war on drug has taken 40,000 lives and 10,000 disappearances. 80% of these people had nothing to do with the drug cartels; they were bystanders, students, children, migrants, mothers, workers, peasants and activists. Mexico’s people have suffered long enough and demand a stop to the "war on drugs", to direct it in serious and effective ways (freeze bank accounts, stop arms flowing in from the north, get rid of corrupt officials) and not into the streets. We refuse the Labor Reform, the Security Reform and demand instead Calderon to resign. The media has utterly misinformed the population on the nature of this conflict, and it is time we start to educate and stop the violence ourselves.

Join in the Marcha Nacional contra la Militarizacion del Pais with other civil organizations, human rights groups, student organizations, the people, the unions and the EZLN who has recently communicated they will be joining the activities.

Please send out this email and make facebook groups and invite your friends.

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