HOUSTON: La Raza Justice Movement Invites You…

Central and South Americans and Mexicans were the original guardians of this piece of earth. How have we become second and third class citizens, and even aliens in our own lands?

Why do we call ourselves Latinos and Hispanics? Latinos are from Rome. Hispanics are from Spain. Most of us have never been to Spain or Rome. What SHOULD we call ourselves?

The United States promises equality, yet our schools are falling apart. Predominately white schools are funded at ten times the rate of our schools. What sort of equality is missing from this system?

The borders are open for the transfer of wealth from one country to another, and the borders are open for corporations, but the borders are closed for the people who work for and buy from the corporations. Why?

The Zetas were trained by the United States military in Georgia. Why?

Mexicans are ex-slaves. Why do most of us not know this? What effect does this history of slavery still have on us?

As a man or woman, are you be able to explain this to your children? Will you be able to provide them the answers?

Every person has a role to play in Our Restoration. What is yours?

Come have some pan dulce with us and answer these and many more questions. Tuesdays, June, July and August 2011. Little York and 59 area.

For more information: Raza_Unida_De_Houston

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