MCALLEN: 5 Mayo Vigil – Batalla del Pueblo en Oracion

Cinco de Mayo is an important day to celebrate Mexican history and culture. The day commemorates independence and unlikely victory in the face of incredible odds. At the Batalla de Puebla, Mexico was able to defeat the powerful forces of the invading French army and defended its independence from foreign rule.
We now face tremendous odds, with one piece of anti-immigrant legislation already passing the state Senate and another coming up for a vote as early as tomorrow. But we will stand strong in unity, gaining inspiration from our history and those who have come before us, and will mount our own Batalla del Pueblo en Oración against these attacks.

Batalla del Pueblo en Oración
Thursday, May 5 • 6:00pm
McAllen Municipal Park (Bicentennial and Tamarack)
McAllen, TX

Come to La Batalla del Pueblo en Oración to defend our pueblo against anti-immigrant legislation that will increase family separation and repression of immigrant communities. Vigils will be happening around the state against bills like SB9 and HB12, which bring increased repression against immigrant communities.

Come to McAllen’s Municipal Park at 6pm tomorrow, 5 of May, and say no to family separations and no to Arizona copycat legislation. Bring you lawn chair, high spirits, and ganas to defend our pueblo!

For all the details, visit

The attack on our community has already started. Join us for this important action to learn more and get involved.


John-Michael and the LUPE team

Background: Tomorrow, 5 de mayo, celebrates la Batalla de Puebla, in which the Mexican army successfully fought off the invading French army. The French army saw Mexico’s civil strife and the US Civil War as an opportunity to invade and turn Mexico into a puppet government of the French crown. Against mighty odds, the Mexican army prevailed and successfully defended the country’s independence from foreign rule.

The Equal Voice Network of the Rio Grande Valley have taken this very important day to pronounce our own Batalla del PUEBLO against the anti-immigrant legislation that target our community. SB9 has already passed in the state Senate, which requires local law enforcement agencies to turn over noncriminal immigrants and those with low level offenses over to ICE for deportation if they’ve been fingerprinted in local jails. HB12, which is Arizona copycat legislation, is going up for a vote as early as tomorrow.

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