About Us

Editor / Administrator:

Iris Rodriguez aka Tejaztlana

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Founders (2004):

Lorenzo Cano

Michael Espinoza

Tacho Medellin

Iris Tejaztlana Rodriguez

Hector Chavana, Jr.

La Raza Unida Party and Congreso


The articles within this website are collective works from individuals, communities and organizations across Tejaztlan/Aztlan.

The print edition is a collective work by many individuals and are listed in the inside cover page of each respective edition.


The primary purpose of La Nueva Raza is to address all aspects of barrio community and Raza affairs.

Through its multimedia portal, articles, editorials, and other works, La Nueva Raza encourages discussion, dialogue, and debate over the issues, events, politics, culture, and conditions relevant to this community.

As a historically marginalized community there has a collective outcry has organically emerged, revealing a critical need for access to new media outlets and skills.

La Nueva Raza aims to convey an independent and progressive discourse and to offer solutions for the challenges facing this community at the local, state, and national levels.  LNR is committed to expressing the voice of the people through its analysis, investigative reporting, interviewing, and other coverage.

The key ingredients to our growing success and work toward these objectives over the past 6 years revolve around advocacy journalism, cultural retention and community engagement.

Through advocacy journalism we aim to document the impacts of human rights violations from/by the perspective of the oppressed.  Thus, we follow the legacy of resistance by integrating living histories from a non-heirarchal perspective while fostering self empowerment and engagement.

By promoting cultural retention, we combat individualism through collective reflection, assessment, action, and practice.  We recognize our ancestors’ centuries-long struggle for justice and reaffirm our collective identity as Raza through conscious use of language and carnalism@. The shared cultural and historical experience fused with this approach has served to connect barrio communities across the country with each other for the past 5 years.

Through active community engagement we work toward building organized power so as to challenge the terms of debate, set up a frame for institutional accountability, and stimulate/reinforce an individual sense of investment.  We serve to assert collective agency through our proven method of fusing new media technologies with grassroots organizing via a multilingual/multigenerational approach that reinforces community ties.

La Nueva Raza serves as a centralized source of information, living historical archive, organizing tool and interactive space for exchange towards self empowerment and social justice.  Our membership consists of multigenerational and multilingual barrio communities across Texas and the Southwest facing a social justice or human rights issue and which have historically been marginalized by the media.

In the 6 years since our birth, La Nueva Raza has grown to encompass a network of individuals, barrios, youth, community organizations, independent media producers, politicos, educators, students, activists and many others who share a vested interest in:

  • the improvement of living and working conditions
  • improving educational opportunities for our children
  • striving toward living in ecological harmony
  • betterment of the greater Raza community.

Since its inception all contributions, labor, efforts, and equipment have been donated.

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