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I support DREAM The time is NOW
Pass the DREAM Act!
Dear DREAM Advocate,

Although President Obama and Vice President Biden have voiced their support for the DREAM Act on multiple occassions, a vote on this legislation is unlikely to happen WITHOUT YOUR HELP AND ACTIONS.

The dreams and lives of outstanding students can no longer be on hold! We cannot continue to hear the heartbreaking stories of students being deported away from their home, the USA. Or stories like that of Gustavo Rezende, a 19 year old DREAMee from Brazil who took his life because he lost hope and was scared of being deported to a country he did not know.

Please take action. Make a difference in the livelihood and success of our youth and the betterment of the USA.

Join us in our campaign to get Congressman Henry Cuellar to co-sponsor the DREAM Act!


United We DREAM, the Texas DREAM Act Alliance & the University Leadership Initiative

left-round.gif Congressman Henry Cuellar – Texas’ students need you!
spacer.gif Cuellar We applaud the most degreed member of Congress – Congressman Henry Cuellar! He earned an Associate’s Degree from Laredo Community College, continued with his education at Georgetown University, obtained a Master’s Degree in International Trade at Texas A&M International University, and earned a J.D. and Ph.D. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin.

While attending college, he washed dishes and worked other jobs to afford his college degree. As the son of hard working migrant farm workers he understands the difficulty of attaining higher education, as well as the importance of becoming an educated individual in order to succeed in life and give back to his beloved Texas. (Source: cuellar.house.gov/Biography/)

He publicly supported HB 1403, the Texas in-state tuition law that opened the doors to hard working, law abiding, studious immigrants who one day hope to follow in the footsteps of Congressman Cuellar – to give back to their beloved Texas! We support Congressman Cuellar’s efforts to ensure that "Texas children grow into better-educated, more productive adults."

Today, Texas students and DREAM Activists ask Congressman Cuellar to

His signature as a co-sponsor will help the lives and futures of students in Laredo Community College, South Texas College, Texas A&M International University, Texas Lutheran University, & the University of Texas – Pan-American.

left-round.gif Want to join the Congressman Cuellar Campaign?
spacer.gif Here is how you can help

  • Write, call, and fax Congressman Cuellar’s Washington office, thank him for his dedication to education, and ask him to co-sponsor H.R. 1751 – the DREAM Act:

336 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-1640
fax: 202-225-1641

  • IDENTIFY new allies, EDUCATE them & MOBILIZE them to take action. If you need materials, fact sheets, statistics, and such, please contact us at ourdream2005.
  • Participate in our next campaign call – We invite you to join us during our next discussion on the Cuellar-DREAM Campaign. Conference call will be held THURSDAY, APRIL 8TH @ 8pm. For more information regarding the call, please RSVP at ourdream2005
left-round.gif Gustavo Rezende – a DREAMee lost
spacer.gif spacer.gif If you would like to read more about the tragic lost of this DREAMee, please visit http://www.milforddailynews.com/features/x90198082/Immigrants-suicide-leaves-behind-pain
left-round.gif Support the Trail of DREAMs!
spacer.gif Trail2010.org

On January 1, 2010, four Florida students embarked on a 1,500-mile walk from Miami, FL, to Washington, D.C. They walk to share their stories, so that everyday Americans understand what it’s like for the millions of immigrants, especially young people, unable to fully participate in society. It’s time that our country comes together to fix a failed system that keeps millions in the shadows, with no pathway to a better life.

Text TRAIL to 30644 to get updates.



One Response to “TAKE ACTION – DREAM Act 2010!”

  1. This bill (or a similar one) would become law seems to me if the Latino civil rights organizations would allow it to pass without its being a part of a comprehensive immigration bill… Push to pass it now… Education ought not be allowed to wait for young people.
    Those who write in opposition are not aware of the problems young people in this category have to go through because of situations not of their creation…

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